Workshop by Wouter Haine (28 dec)

One time only!

Two 45 minute intermediate masterclasses by Wouter Haine skate dancer for 20+ years, skater for 35+ years

Maximum of 15 participants per masterclass.
Friday 28-12-2018
20:00 For people who can skate and want to learn to skate dance.
21:00 For intermediate skate dancers looking to improve their skills.

1. Improving fundamentals
2. Balance and center of balance/weight
3. Switching feet
4. Flow
5. Styling basic steps
6. Keep your wheels spinning (we’re on skates, not shoes)
7. Stopping at any time and place
8. Gaining speed
9. Changing direction while keeping speed
10. What to do with your arms and hips
11. Musicality
12. Timing We’ll not be focusing on learning a ton of new steps, but rather improve your current skills.

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